Coping mechanisms for everyday use

#7: Write letters and “send” them

Everyone has that person (or people) they want to tell something to but that something would be inappropriate or most likely wrongly taken. But you have this something creating stress for you because you will never have the guts to tell them. And maybe you don’t have this problem with anyone, but how about people you will never get a chance to meet and you have something to let them know but don’t really want them knowing. And more than likely, if you got this something off your back, you would be able to lead a happier and more fulfilling existence. 

Get out some paper and write that person a damn old fashioned letter. “Dear ____” and your name at the end. Somebody told me that it’s a good idea to actually put the letter in the mailbox without any postage after writing it and “send” it off. I haven’t tried this method, but maybe it will work for you. I didn’t try this because I like keeping my worrisome, obscure and personal thoughts to myself in my journal, but I have a way of getting these thoughts out of my head after writing the letter. 

After signing the letter, I read the letter aloud and really listen to whatever I feel I have to say to the person. And this helps me decide if whatever I have to say is worth saying to that person. But saying whatever I have to say in the bluntest way helps me to kindly rephrase the blunt and hopefully leads to me actually telling the person what I think they ought to know about my thoughts. 

This isn’t always possible because sometimes the person you want to tell something is deceased or you don’t even know them or maybe their a fictional character. By writing a letter to even these people, you can hope their spirit is listening to you and you will leave the letter writing feeling like you’ve spoken to that person. 

You aren’t going to get a response, but at least you’re getting some baggage out onto paper and out of your messed up head. Say what you need to say, just don’t send it but make it real by either putting it in a mailbox without postage or reading it aloud. Nobody is going to get it or hear you say it, but you will have an easier time getting over whatever you had on your mind….

And a easier time coping. Happy coping! 

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